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Sarcodosis is an inflammatory disease which clumps the body cells and form small lumps called granulomas which can develop in any part of the body like lungs, skin and lymph etc. Sarcodosis has a direct effect on the immune system. There is a mystery behind the cause of Sarcodosis. It was first founded by the two dermatologists Dr. Jonath Hutchinson and Dr. Caesar Boeck. This disease is generally found in the age group of 20 to 40. Sarcodosis is a severe disease which is very difficult to treat and doctor needs proper diagnosis before starting its treatment. Chest x-ray, HRTC scan, bronchoscopy and pulmonary test etc. are needed for examining the Sarcodosis patient.

Sarcodosis is a deadly disease which sometimes even results in the death of the patients. Well, this disease is not communicable but still the mystery of Sarcodosis causes is unrevealed and it has not proved yet whether it passes on from the parents to child. The patients feel illness during this and weight loss is also the main problem faced during this. The immune system generates white blood cells to fight against the diseases but during Sarcodosis inflammation occurs in the body. Due to which the human body tends to affect the body tissues.

Signs and symptoms of Sarcodosis

  • High fever
  • Weight loss
  • Swelling in Lymph
  • Problem arises in lungs and eyes.
  • Skin rashes and nodules.

Why Shabnam Ayurvedic for Sarcodosis

Ayurveda has revealed its power by providing permanent relief from the chronic diseases. Ayurveda has achieved various achievements in this filed. The glory of Ayurveda has been dignified since past time. The natural herbs and treatment process makes it different from the other treatments because natural things do not have any side effects as compared to the other treatments. Shabnam Ayurvedic & Unani Care is establishing their health center in different parts of the country. Natural herbs like curcumin, guggul, trivrit, shunthi, marich and vidnag are used in the treatment of the Sarcodosis.

Shabnam Ayurveda has best team of doctors for Sarcodosis who are expert in treating it and are well experienced in treating the patients of Sarcodosis. The health care was started in 2000 and serving the people from a long time. The premises of the health care is highly furnished with different types of modern hi-tech machines which are used for diagnosing the root cause of the patients problem and after that required treatment is followed. We have highly experienced doctors who have treated many patients of Sarcodosis.

Shabanm Ayurveda believes in providing best health facilities to the people and we focus on each and every patient. The treatment of Shabnam Ayurveda is also very affordable. Sarcodosis is not a cancer but the patient of this disease feels it like cancer only because it has severe painful conditions and sometimes the patients may loss their life. Ayurveda has permanent solution to this severe disease without any side effects. We care about your health and you and we believe in providing best treatment to all the people.

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Just because of the reason that we have been paving the paths of the medical world as the finest Unani doctor in Mohali, you can rely upon us completely as we will offer and serve you with something that is the best for your health on a whole level.

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