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Knee pain is the inflammation of the knees and it affects the cartilage and ligaments of the knees. It is a painful or unbearable situation around the knees. Different age groups are affected due to this but this problem is found more in the old age. Due to the weakness in the muscles this problem arises in old age people. The changing life style is also one of the main reasons behind it. Knees are the joints of the body which bears all the burden of the body and sometimes it results in heavy pain in knees. Stiffness and pain in the knees are felt during this. Deep injuries around the knees can also be the reason for the knees pain which further affect the tendons and ligaments.

Knee pain is also caused by the heavy weight of the individual which results in lack of flexibility in muscles and due to which the problem arises in the movement and even in standing. Some people face this problem due to the sports activities which exert more burden on the knees. It has been observed that the temporary knee pain can be cured easily but serious knee pain is a major concern. Physical factors like osteoarthritis and tendinitis are also the causes of knee pain. Stretching of the muscles in various sport activities can leads to the knee pain.

Three categories of knee pain:

  • Acute Injuries
  • Ligament Injuries
  • Meniscus injuries

Acute injuries are those injuries which accidentally take place in the body and results in the breakdown of the bone of the knees due to this the knee pain can starts in the body. These types of injuries need proper meditation and care because this can harm other ligaments and tendons of the body. Knee fractures should be treated well because it is painful as well as makes you more unfit for the movement. So, any injury of knees needs proper hospitalization.

Ligament injuries occur in the body due to the ligament affect. There are many sports activities which have sudden movement and changes while playing such sports can leads to this problem. Meniscus injuries affect menisci cartilages which are responsible for the shock acceptance in the body. Knee twisting can also affect it. These injuries in the body should not be ignored because they can affect the other parts of the body too.

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