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Liver is the essential part of the body. The liver of the human body performs many critical task that assist the body to function properly. Cirrhosis refers to the liver disease in which liver cells get lost. It is the late stage of fibrosis of the liver that is caused by many forms of liver ailments and conditions like hepatitis and chronic alcoholism. The liver does many essential functions that may include removing of harmful substances in the body. It helps in cleaning your body and make vital nutrition. Cirrhosis occurs in order to damaging the liver. When the liver gets injured it fully tries to mend itself and in mean while development of scar tissue occur. When cirrhosis gets severe, the formation of more scar tissues occurs that makes the liver complex to function properly.

Some of the common symptoms of Cirrhosis that lead to weakness, loss of appetite, itchy skin, nausea, swelling in your legs, easy bruising and Jaundice, itching and fatigue.

Now, I will tell you about the development of Cirrhosis. The liver of a human being is a hard organ that assists in restoring wounded cells. Development of Cirrhosis occurs when the issues like alcohol and other viral infections stays for a long period of time. It is harmful as it destroys the liver badly. It makes the liver hard and shrinks it. From this, nutrition rich blood vessel from the portal veins finds it difficult to flow into the liver. Portal veins assist in carrying blood from the digestive organs to reach to the blood and the pressure increases in it. This results into portal hypertension.

There are various complications can occur when the blood does not get able to pass through the liver. Some of them are bleeding, liver cancer, kidney failure, Type 2 diabetes, Insulin resistance, esophageal varices, edema and ascites, gallstones etc.

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A health for a person is very essential as it tell that the human is physically fit and mentally strong. A person cannot live his best and enjoyable life if his health is not good.

It is discover that many people die due to Cirrhosis as they do not take proper treatment. The damages that lead to liver due to Cirrhosis cannot be destroyed if you will not take best treatment about it. So, if you have found that you have a problem of liver Cirrhosis then, you should immediately contact with best doctor for liver Cirrhosis in Chandigarh, Mohali, Kharar.

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