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Kidneys in human body are found in two bean shaped that are exists left and right side of the humans body. It carries blood from the paired renal arteries. Its main function is to purify the blood. Kidney also assists in regulating PH value, salt and potassium level in the human body. It is essential part the help in keeping your body healthy.

Ayurvedic Doctor in Chandigarh for Kidney

There are various types of fatigue, difficulty in concentration in work, trouble in sleeping, poor appetite, muscle cramping, and frequent urination, swollen feet, dry and flaking skin. There are various types of risk factors include that may leads to kidney disease like high blood pressure, other family member who have chronic kidney ailment and elderly people.

Now, I will tell you about how kidneys work. Kidneys are made up of number of Nephrons that help in filtering the blood. Nephron have glomerulus and a tubule named filter. Nephrons work through a two step process. Glomerulus assists in passing the fluid and waste things from it. Then, the filtered fluid pass through the tubule that sends mineral back to the bloodstream and helps in removing waste as urine.

In kidney, if the blood stops to flow, part all of it could die. It can leads to kidney failure. There are varied types of kidney conditions are found that may include Pylonephritis, Glomerulonephritis, kidney stones, Nephrotic Syndrome etc.

Importance of Kidney

  • It helps to fend the building up of waste and fluid in the body.
  • It assists in keeping the electrolytes level stable that comprises sodium, potassium and phosphate.
  • It develops hormone that help in regulating blood pressure, make blood cells and also keep your bones to stay strong.

If your kidney gets worsened then, your kidney may leads to stop working completely. It is necessary to take treatment through best Ayurvedic Kidney doctor in Kharar. Kidney disease may leads to other health related problems such as malnutrition, nerve damage, and weak bones.

Best Ayurvedic Kidney Doctor in Kharar

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