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Infertility is a state when the complication occurs in conceiving due to any of the reason. The problem of Infertility has become very common due to the changing life schedule. Today most of the couples are facing this problem. Although the problem of Infertility can arise in both men and women but it can be treated.  Sometimes problems in the fallopian tube can also be the reason of Infertility. Infertility results in not being pregnant.Female Infertility is when the female has problem in conceiving after a year. Its one reason can be unprotected sexual intercourse. If the female is getting problem in the menstrual cycle or delay in the menstrual cycle can also leads to Infertility. Complications because of miscarriage can be the reason of Infertility in the women.

Male Infertility is when the pregnancy is not taking place due to the male. In some cases both men and women have problem related to Infertility. Infertility can makes your life painful because having a child is the desire of every couple but there is no need to worry because Ayurveda can treat this problem completely and it can brings happiness in your life.

Symptoms of Infertility

  • Delay or repetition in the menstrual period.
  • Low and high bleeding.
  • Pelvic pain
  • Sex pain
  • Lack of interest in sex.

Some of the reasons of Infertility

  • Changes in hormones.
  • Uterine related problems.
  • Any internal injury.
  • Unexpected abortion.
  • Problems in menstrual cycle.
  • Drug and smoking addiction.
  • Stress

Infertility is a serious problem because it can spoil your life but Ayurveda has complete solution of this chronic disease. Many couples after their marriage face this problem sometime this creates an unhealthy environment in the family and couple goes in stress. Ayurveda is a widely prevalent method to heal the persons biological and other problems physically or mentally. Infertility is also one of them but Ayurveda has shown its magical power in treating the Infertility. There are many herbs in the nature which are really amazing gift of nature to human being to treat this problem. In earlier days only few people know about theses secrets of Ayurveda but know there are many health care’s which treats the people. An Ayurvedic doctor for infertility in Mohali can treat the problem of infertility very easily.

Shabnam Ayurveda & Unani Care is the best Ayurvedic health care for the infertility which has been serving the people from year 2000. We use natural treatment and our all medicines are made from pure natural products. We devote full attention to our patients and our Ayurvedic doctor of Infertility is very experienced and has treated many cases of Infertility with successful results.  Our treatments of Infertility include swedanam, vamanam, use of banyan tree bark, ashwagandha and shatavari etc. Shabnam Ayurveda has become the first choice of the people just because of the services which we offer to our patients.

Diet preference for the Infertility

Ayurveda believes that if the couple is healthy then complications of the Infertility can be removed very easily. Our Ayurvedic doctor of Infertility always guides the people to follow healthy diet plan so that their body becomes fresh and healthy. Use of almonds, green vegetables, fruits, grains, milk products, and dried fruits can help the patient to treat the shukra dhatu through which the patient has high chances of conceiving. Shabnam Ayurveda has brought smiles on many of the couples so, if you are also suffering from this disease then feel free to come to us.

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Just because of the reason that we have been paving the paths of the medical world as the finest Unani doctor in Mohali, you can rely upon us completely as we will offer and serve you with something that is the best for your health on a whole level.

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