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Hearing Loss is a problem which is also called as the hearing impairment because it is a total or partial inability to hear something that is being spoken or anything else. A person is called deaf when he is not able to hear just anything and the loss can occur either in one ear or both of the ears. If this problem is found in the children, then he or she can also experience a problem in their speech and if this is found in adults, then they can experience the difficulties which are related to the work. Sometimes, when this problem is found among the old aged people then they are the ones who can even experience or can lead to a lot of loneliness. This kind of hearing loss can differ with every individual that is it can be either permanent or temporary. A lot of factors are seen when these causes are present for instance, ageing, some kind of infections, complications while giving birth, exposure to a lot of noise, some kind of huge trauma to the ear and a lot many more things can affect our ears. Some people even get this problem of hearing, just genetically that is by their father or mother, inherited from them itself.


  • When one is able to hear , but not actually able to understand
  • A lot of problem while understanding the daily routinely conversations that are going on around.
  • Listening to the increased voices of the television or radio.
  • Asking for the repetition from people.
  • A lot of buzzing or ringing sounds in the ears.
  • An increase in the difficulty of the things, like being in the noisy area.

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