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Frozen shoulder is a situation in which the joints of the shoulders are affected. It is also known as adhesive capsulitis. It enhances the stiffness and pain in the shoulder joints. It is a state when the tissues of the shoulder gets thicker and congested due to which the shoulders don’t move properly and it panic a lot. It affects the people of 40-60 age group and women suffer more from this. Frozen shoulders tend to have more difficulties in doing regular day to day activities because it does not allow your shoulder to move freely.

Frozen shoulder is caused due to the Vata Dosha which absorbs the Kapha and due to this the shoulders get affected or motionless. There are many causes of Frozen Shoulder like inflammation in the ligaments of the shoulder. The patients of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, stroke and diabetes have great chances of Frozen shoulder. Any severe injury and surgery can also leads to the heavy pain in the shoulders which make them immovable. It is generally caused by the thickening of the joint capsule. The patient feels stiffness and it becomes very difficult to move the shoulders.

Symptoms of Frozen shoulder

  • Inflexibility in the shoulders.
  • High pain around the shoulder joints.
  • Changes in the Menopause cycle.
  • Rigid shoulders

Frozen shoulder has its three different stages

  • Freezing stage
  • Frozen stage
  • Thawing stage

Freezing stage is the initial stage of shoulder pain when the pain starts around the shoulders. Gradually it increases and unbearable pain arises in the joints of the shoulder. It tends to be last more than six to nine months and shoulders get pain while moving. In frozen stage the pain becomes less but the rigidness in the shoulder enhances. It restricts your daily work schedule as it makes you immovable. It can last up to four to twelve months. Thawing stage is the stage when the motion of the shoulder comes to the normal point and it can last up to six to two years.

Now the question arises what can be the best treatment for the Frozen shoulder? The answer is Ayurveda Treatment because it is the oldest way of treating the Frozen shoulders as it uses natural process for the treatment so it is quite satisfactory and has surprising results. Ayurvedic treatment uproots the cause of this problem and provides permanent relief to the patient. This problem is treated with the use of herbal products like abhyanga, elakizhi, pizhichil, ashwagandha, shatavari and prasarinyadi kashaya etc. Proper massage therapy is used to treat the stiffness and pain of the shoulder.

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