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Uterina myoma also known as fibroids is one of the very common kinds of tumors that are mainly experienced in the reproductive system of females. This disease is also called by other different names that are leiomyomas, fibromas, it is quite firm with the tumors that are compact which are made up with the smooth muscle cells as well as the fibrous based connective tissues that further have the development in the uterus. As per the percentage ratio, one can experience that around twenty to fifty percent women of the reproductive age are suffering from these fibroids, and most of them are not directly diagnosed. It is also seen that some of the people are prone to get the fibroids in the childbearing era of age, as and the percentage of such women or girls is thirty to seventy percent. Approximately, around one-third of the fibroids are large in size that can be detected or examined by the doctors during the examination of this thing. Ninety-nine percent of the cases of fibroids are not cancerous that is these do not have the association with the cancer problems. There is also no growth of the risk of uterine cancer, or even the development of the same. The size of the fibroids is of different sizes, like the pea, softball, or grapefruit.


  1. A lot of heavy bleeding and periods that can range from a very long time
  2. Experience of the abnormal kind of bleeding that can occur during the menstrual periods.
  3. Pain in the lower back
  4. Huge pain while giving sex
  5. Pain in the pelvis
  6. Need to urinate a large number of times
  7. Firm kind of mass that is seen around the pelvis which is not a good sign

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