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Diarrhea is also referred to as the diarrhea, which is a medical condition when a person is consistently experiencing the loose or the liquid bowel movements every other day. This can even last for more than few days which can further lead to the problem of dehydration as there is a great loss of fluid during this period of time. One can often see some of the things like the reduction in the stretchiness of the normal skin, or the irritability based behavior. This state of condition is when there is a person is not able to pee much, there is a loss of skin color, heart beat rates very fast, there is a decrease in the responsiveness which further becomes severe also sometimes. There are times, when the little babies are also seen with this same thing, but the non watery stool is just normal for the children who are still on a breast feed. A lot of causes are there for the same, and some of them are, for instance, the infection of the intestines because of the bacteria, parasite or virus, which is further known as the gastroenteritis. Such kind of diseases is caused by different infections like the food or water that has been infected by the substances like the feces, or directly from the other person who is suffering from the same disease.


  • There is the involvement of a severe stomach pain, in this problem.
  • Cramps in the abdomen
  • A lot of bloating
  • Person is thirsty all the time
  • Loss of weight
  • Fever
  • Dehydration
  • Presence of puss or blood during the bowel movements
  • Continual vomiting

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