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Dandruff is a basic condition that can happen to any person, or it is just a chronic condition that occurs from the scalp when it becomes dry or greasy or which does the production of the white colored flakes that are formed from the dead skin, and can appear on our hair or the shoulders. This is a problem that only affects the scalp of the head, and causes a lot of itching, that can vary from being mild to the other way as severe one in some cases. This can lead a person to feel social anxiety and a problem of low self esteem. If this condition is more exaggerated then it can even turn the skin into inflammation which is a major problem called serborrhoeic dermatitis. No reason has been yet evaluated as why this mainly happens, but it has the involvement of the number of genetic and the environmental things. This thing can turn difficult and worse in the winter seasons as during this time, the skin is turned dry already. The mechanism of this underlying thing has the involvement of the skin cells that and the diagnosis of the same is based on some specific symptoms only. Dandruff mainly affects the men in comparison to the women and it hits the children and the younger generation when puberty hits them up.


  • One can see that there is the presence of the flakes of skin that are from white color to yellow, to greasy and are small or large.
  • There can be involvement of the itching on the scalp or the eyebrows, or beside, and around the ears, nose, chest, back, hairline etc.

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