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Cold is referred to as an infectious disease, which can be viral too, and is present in the upper respiratory system that affects the nose and the throat too. The sinus, throat, and even the larynx can be affected with this thing no matter what. This is an infectious disease that can get onto the people who are beside us all the time or just randomly. The things that are involved in it are sore throat coughing, a lot of runny nose, headache, fever and so much more. There are people who can get recovered from this thing after three or four days, but if we are not able to recover within few days, then there is something serious which is responsible for the same like the other problems related to health for example, pneumonia. Children who are of the age six or younger than that, are more prone to have cold, than the adults who can get it through the infection occurring at the two or three months in a year. The people who smoke are also near to get this problem of smoke. We should know that this thing is really very sever if not treated on time, and does not go ahead much. It can rise up the level of other diseases like the weaker immune system, time of the year, smoking, and the exposure to a person.


  • Nose is running and stuffed.
  • Throat is sore
  • A lot of cough
  • Congestion in the body
  • Sneezing all the time
  • Mild headaches
  • Slighter body aches
  • A low graded fever
  • Feeling unwell every time

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