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Chronic fatigue syndrome is an abnormality that is mainly termed as a complicated disorder which is characterized by a lot of fatigue, and this thing is not explained through any kind of medical condition. It is a problem that can only get worse through the activities which are physical and mental; however it cannot be improvised through rest. The disease can also be known as a condition that is called systematic exertion intolerance disease (SEID), else called encephalomyelitis (ME). If we talk about the causes of the fatigue syndrome, then these are absolutely unknown no matter what. But, through the help of some of the theories it is known that it can be triggered with the combination of some of the factors that can range from the infections that are viral or the mental stress. It is quite difficult to know the reason behind it as there is no such single test which can give a confirmation by the diagnosis of this fatigue syndrome. This may also be confused with the other resembling symptoms of the diseases that are a little same to each other. Such people who are suffering from this problem are not able to do even normal exercising, as it can be hyper sensitive for them and the activity.


  • Fatigue all the time.
  • There is not much powerful memory and less of concentration too.
  • The throat is completely soaring.
  • The lymph nodes that are present on the neck or the armpits are greatly large in size.
  • Frequent headaches
  • The sleep is not refreshing
  • Pain in the muscles and the joints
  • An experience of lot of exhaustion which is till twenty four hours that is after the physical and the mental exercise.

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