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Gynecology is the science of women which deals with physiology and manages the sicknesses of ladies related to their reproductive system. It manages the sicknesses of vaginal contaminations, PCOD, PID, FIBROIDS, leucorrhoea, hormonal changes, uterus and menstrual issues etc. The majority of the ladies have conceptive issues and just the Gynecologist specialist can treat it. In prior days ladies used to do all the work with their hands however now the vast majority of the ladies are working so they want to do work with the machines which has restricted their physical work and due to this their health is affected.

Gynecologist treats the following diseases:

PCOD: Polycystic ovarian ailment is an ailment in which there is high production of androgen and estrogenic hormones are delivered from the ovary and because of it infertility takes place in the females and it additionally brings different destructive ailments. It is also known as PCOS. A gynecologist solves all these issues of Gynecology which have made the life of the female more severe.


Infertility: There are numerous reasons which prompt the Infertility like changes in hormones, inward damage, uterine related issues, surprising premature birth and issues in menstrual cycle and so on .Due to infertility problem, many couples are in grief. Many couples face the problem in conceiving which makes their life more complicated and stressful.


Leucorrhoea: Today Leucorrhoea issue has turned into an exceptionally regular issue in the young ladies. Because of this young ladies have thin body and they confront other wellbeing related issues. It is the state when the body starts producing white and yellowish water from the vagina, which sometimes become unbearable. It also gives birth to other diseases. So, it is important to get the proper treatment it.

Menstrual ailments: Due to the changing lifestyle of the today’s life the mechanism of our body has also affected. The menstrual ailments have become very common in today’s life. The problem like late menses and high menses are becoming very common but these problems should not be avoided and should be cured.

Ayurveda has been serving since 1000 years for the treatment of Gynecology. Ayurveda handles the Gynecological problems through different ways and cures them with the natural ways like natural herbs. Shabnam Ayurveda and Unani Care is the best Ayurvedic health care in the Mohali and Chandigarh. Shabnam Ayurvedic has top Ayurvedic Gynae Dr in Mohali and expert in handling the problems of Gynecology like vaginal contaminations, PCOD, PID, FIBROIDS, leucorrhoea, hormonal unevenness, infertility, and menstrual issues. It is very difficult to find best Ayurvedic Gynae Dr in Mohali but Shabnam Ayurveda can help you in all the gynee issues.

Shabnam Ayurveda believes in serving the people and helps the people in providing them relief from the Gynecological issues. If you also want the appointment of Best Ayurvedic Gynae Dr in Mohali then you can contact us. Shabnam Ayurveda provides the best treatment for the Gynecological problems and we have treated many of our patients. We use natural treatment for treating the patients and our medicines are prepared by using the natural herbs only. We ensure you the proper and best treatment for your problems. Shabnam Ayurveda has Top Gynae Ayurvedic Dr in Tri City and Chandigarh.

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