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Bed Wetting is not basically a disease, but a problem that occurs among the children in the night time with the involuntary urination while sleeping, and at that age where one can expect the child to be completely dry. Often, we have seen that the damp bed sheets and the pajamas, as well as the embarrassed child are quite a familiar scene at houses. But, this thing is not to laugh or less care about, as it could be also be harmful for your child, or abnormal in any case if he or she is doing the same even after the age of seven or more, as before that age, a child’s body still might be doing the development of the night time controlling of the bladder. Plus if still, there is a problem of this thing continued, then one needs to have the consultation through the doctor done, or even you can cure the problem with proper patience and understanding as this can occur through the changes in the bladder, moisture alarms, and the variations in our daily lifestyle. It is quite true that there are no such causes for this problem of bed wetting, but there are presumptions about some like the non development of the small bladder, hormonal imbalance, an inability for the recognization of the complete bladder etc.


There are number of risks that can be found in this area, like involvement of the stress and anxiety that can further lead to the improper functioning of the other body parts and the working of our normal lifestyle. It can also be due to the history of the family, like coming from the inheritance thing that is also a significant thing to do. Mainly, there is an occurrence of the bed wetting problem, if someone is suffering from the ADHD disorder, that is the attention deficit, or the hyperactivity disorder.

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