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Back Pain is a pain that is on the back of our body, it could be either the lower back or the upper back area no matter what. Mainly, if we broadly talk about it, this pain is divided into three different parts that is the pain in the neck which is scientifically referred as cervical, other is the middle back area and that pain is on the thoracic area, plus the last one being the lower back pain at the lumbar area. Most of the time, the back pain is experienced on the lumbar area only, because of the reason that half of the weight of the upper body is rested upon the lumbar region which is why, it can get affected through severe pain sometimes. Sometimes the pain is really acute, or chronic, or near to acute only, it all depends upon the area and the time period too. This pain can differ in various ways like the dull pain, or the one that shoots the body badly, and the piercing one, even that is harmful as it gives a burning sensation. This problem an get affect the arms, hands, feet , legs, or can cause weakness in those areas or parts. Some of the people even experience this thing due to some kind of injury in the past or the recent one which can dislocate something inside the body, and that has to be taken consideration, with a proper consultation of the doctor.


  • A lot of muscle ache is involved
  • Pain that is really very much stabbing in the body,
  • Such pain, that even takes or goes down your leg
  • It can also be a pain, which is transformed high while walking, lifting up and down, or bending.
  • It can also be a pain that could even improve with the reclining thing.

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