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Autoimmune disorder is a condition when an individual’s immune system gives an abnormal response that further affects some normal part of the body in any way. There are nearly eighty types of auto immune disorders that can involve any of the normal body parts. Some of the common symptoms when a person is suffering with one are mild fever, and feeling of tiredness, these are the ones which are sometimes present in the body and sometimes just leave away randomly. There are also some of the direct immune diseases that are running in the families itself from a longtime like lupus, and it can be taken forward to the other family member, or it can be caused through the risk of the environmental factors. In this problem, the immune system of the body attacks the body itself, by mistake. Immune system is the one, that does the guarding against the harmful germs like the different viruses plus bacteria, which can sense easily that these are the abnormal and dangerous invaders in the body, that can affect in a bad way, which is when, the immune system sends the army cells of the body for an absolute war of the protection of the body completely.


  • A recurring pain in the muscles, joints or tremor because of weakness.
  • No tolerance for heart, rapid heartbeat, loss of weight, insomnia.
  • Sensitivity during the sun light, rashes and hives can be seen on the body parts.
  • Not able to focus or concentrate upon the working.
  • The eyes, mouth, skin turn extremely dry.
  • Some of the people even experience loss of hair, or the white rashes or spots on the skin.
  • A female can have number of miscarriages, and blood clotting.
  • Tingling on the hands or feet, or they turn numb instead.
  • Experience of the pain in the abdomen, blood occurs in the stool.
  • Mouth ulcers and diarrhea.
  • Always feeling tired, and fatigue.

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