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Cough is a problem or mainly called an infection, that is sudden and is a mainstream reflex action of the the mucus or the irritating things in the throat that can be cleared through the cough or this makes the cough occur. There can be a large number of factors or things that can affect this coughing in our throat no matter what; this is why we need to know that there are different types of cough too. If the microbes, bacteria or anything like that can get infected in our body and can further affect us in a bad way by cough or fever. This can also be termed as the repeatedly occurring cough from that is also a protective kind of reflex that can clear the lethargic breathing that occurs from the passages of the fluids, bacteria, microbes, irritants, and a lot more. Further, there are three stages of this procedure that is the inhalation thing, then the forceful exhalation, and then is the releasing of air from the lungs that can be through the opening of the glottis, which is together with a sound. If an individual is constantly coughing from a long period of time, and is not able to recover from the normal problems, then it can be a sign of the presence of some diseases that can be harmful for the body.


  • This occurs when the cells are around the air passage are irritated and there are a lot other chain of events being triggered.
  • The air that is in the lungs can is forcefully pulled out from a higher pressure.
  • Fever, a sore throat.
  • Vomiting, nausea feeling
  • Headache, sinus, runny nose all the time.
  • Postnasal drip, night sweats
  • Coughing accompanied with wheezing
  • Sputum or phlegm
  • Allergy

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