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Ascites is a disease that has the accumulation of the fluid inside the abdominal area that is the peritoneal cavity which is completely abnormal. If a person wants a proper cure for this, it depends upon the cause of the disease. The fluid that is collected is completely pale yellow in color, and is called the serous fluid. This abdominal cavity is present below the level of chest cavity which is further separated from the diaphragm. There are a number of sources from where we can get this fluid of Ascites that is through the kidney failure, the liver disease, cancers, congestive heart failure, and so much more. If there is a lot of buildup of this fluid then there is the occurrence of the Ascites disease. In this thing, there is a stoppage of the liver, which is the most important body organ in our body, without which there cannot be anything done in an appropriate way that is ranging from the functioning of the body, to the other processes that are involved in the body parts. The fluid which occurs, it gets collected in to the spaces that are in between the lining of the body organs as well as the abdomen.


  • All of a sudden, you can experience a lot of weight gain.
  • Your abdomen turns swallow, and distended.
  • Whenever, we need to lay down, and then there is a great difficulty in breathing too.
  • Huge amount of pain in the abdominal plus, bloating.
  • There is presence of heart burn, plus the appetite seems vanished in comparison to earlier.
  • A great consciousness of nausea as well as vomiting is experienced by the patients.

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