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Anemia is a problem where there is a decrease of the total amount of red blood cells, or the hemoglobin that is present in the blood, or if there is a less of blood that has to carry out to the oxygen. When a person is suffering from anemia his or her body has less of hb and there are a very less amount of the platelets too, which makes the body weak. Some of the things that are experienced while a person is suffering from this problem are weakness, shortness of breath, not able to exercise. It is considered greater when there are chances of getting passed out, or the patient is getting blurry visions very frequently, puzzled, loss of self sense that is the consciousness, and a lot of thirst is experienced all the time. The appearance of the body also changes that is the complexion of the body changes into a pale color. A person is not able to breathe properly because there is not enough blood in the body that can reach the oxygen levels. It is experienced when there is fatigue present in the body and the person is not able to experience the functioning of the body in an organized way.


  • A lot of fatigue accompanied with the loss of all the energy in the body
  • The heart beat turns in accurate and is carried on unusually, especially while a person is exercising.
  • There is a lot of occurrence of headache all the time and taking or inhaling breath is not considered an easy task.
  • A lot of difficulty is experienced in concentrating and focusing on things
  • The skin color starts turning pale
  • Dizziness
  • Often a person experiences insomnia
  • Plus a lot of leg cramps all the time

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