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Anal Fistula which is referred to as a problem where there is a miscommunication or unorganized communication between the two organs of the body that is the anal canal and the perianal skin. In the anal canal it takes place on the epithelialised surface, and anal fistula can also be meant as the one which is a narrow tunnel that has an opening in the inner side of anal canal and the outer side of the opening is in the skin that is beside the anus itself. Such disease is found in people who an earlier inheritance in the anal abscesses, which are further, formed again if they are not cured in a proper manner. The fistula has the origination from the anal glands that are located in the internal and the external anal plus and then it is drained into the anal canal. If the outer part of the glands is blocked, then there can be the formation of the abscess, which can further turn to the skin surface and then through this process, there is a formation of the fistula. If the abscesses are recurred, it means that the fistula has been sealed over, which further takes forward the gathering of the pus, which can also take them to the surface again, that leads to the repetition of the procedure yet again.


  • One can experience the repeated anal abscesses all the time
  • A lot of pain and swelling takes place in the area of the anus
  • During the bowel movements , there is so much of pain
  • Bleeding also takes place
  • Due to the blood, there is a lot of smell around the specific area and during the smelly drainage that takes place through the opening of the anus
  • Huge level of irritation because of a lot of drainage.
  • The patient can experience a mild fever, fatigue, and chills.

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