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Amenorrhea is basically a problem, when there is an absence of menstrual period in a female who is of reproductive age. As per the physiology, it is seen that this problem is experienced during the stage of pregnancy or lactation procedure that is in simple words breast feeding, where it is also referred to as the procedure of contraception which is implied as the lactation amenorrhea method. Other than that, a female is suffering from the same in the childhood of the reproductive age, and then it is seen in menopause. There are different types of amenorrhea which means that different stages are present for the same. For instance, the primary and the secondary amenorrhea, this has the involvement of distinctive problems and other things. The primary one takes place when the menstrual period is not started in a female due to the problems in the development of the body like the absence of the uterus or there is a failure in the ovary to have egg cells. Plus also seen if there is any kind of delay in the puberty and it hits hard in the body. Meanwhile, the secondary one is the involvement of no menarche in a female till the age of sixteen years and it is due to the disturbance or problem in the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus. This is also referred to as the early or premature menopause.


  • There is a milky or white colored nipple discharge from the breast of a girl
  • A lot of hair loss is experienced
  • Consistent headache all the time.
  • There are constant changes in the vision of a person
  • Pelvic pain is also experienced
  • The skin has the involvement of lot of acne too

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