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Alopecia is a disease that is in simple language, a problem related to hair loss, or baldness. It is a problem that leads to the hair loss from half of the part of the head, or the the other part of the body. Mainly in this, head is the only area which is always and basically involved. It is chronic in a way that can lead from the smaller portion of the head and leading to the entire body in turn. Basically, it is a procedure where the presence of the scarring thing or the inflammation is not present in any way. This disease takes place due to psychological over stress sometimes. There are different types of hair loss that is the male patterned, female patterned, or the alopecia areata, and the last one is telogen effluvium as it is related to the thinning of the hair. Each one of them have the inclusion of something but in the male patterned loss there is the involvement of the genetics plus the male hormones, but about the female loss , there is not much clarity, where as the alopecia araeta occurs due to autoimmune thing, and telogen is because of the stress on the physical and mental fronts.


  • Presence of the tiny and small patches around a definite area, which can further turn excess
  • Hair loss from various other parts of the body like eyebrows, beard, eyelashes and a lot many other places.
  • It differs from people to people how the loss occurs that is in a small proportion or bigger.
  • Any of the time this disease can occur and to any person irrespective of age, gender etc.

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