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Without a reach, there is not a pinch to think about the thing that Ayurveda is more than three thousand years old, and has been pervading in the area of time from the longest period of time. Well, this is the reason that there have now been establishments of number of Ayurvedic doctor in Chandigarh, which can surely help in getting cured from anything that is difficult and severe. Ayurveda has been originated from the Sanskrit language with two of its different words that is “ayush” and “veda”, which respectively refers to the meaning, knowledge about life. This is a form of treatment that has been helping people from every angle that is on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level no matter what. It is Ayurveda only that once initiated the implication of the three essential words that is mind, body and spirit. People from the ancient period of time; have been dealing up with this treatment as it is the best on a whole level. We are the best Ayurvedic doctor in Chandigarh, who can enhance and lighten up your health with the finest of well being, and that is in the best possible manner. Ayurveda treatment includes the natural products, services, yoga asanas, and doshas, mental therapies that are extremely effective and can cure everything in the best possible way. There are no inclusions of the chemicals, or other drugs that are harmful for the medicine and products, instead everything is completely natural. No matter what city or place you are at, we can help you in any way by giving the best of solutions through our hundred percent natural things, through which any difficulty can be crossed. There are a lot of patients who have secured their healthy life through us as we are the brilliant Unani doctor in Chandigarh, by creating an absolutely differ standard of living with the natural cures.

Diseases / Treatments

Since we are aware about the fact that there are a large number of diseases, and that is for the same different natural treatment as undertaken by us, for instance, through the natural medicines, therapies, to the doshas, various products and a lot more.

Joint pain


Sexual disorders

Skin Diseases

Liver Problems



Chronic Kidney Disease

Look Good Naturally

Without a thought, it is a universal fact that being natural can be totally mesmerizing and that can be attained from the Ayurveda treatment and products which are hundred and one percent natural made up from all the god made herbs and plants.

Guaranteed Results

With us, you will be served with the results that are fully proof guaranteed and in a complete proportion can be best recognized. The highest ratios of patients have received their normal healthy life back, which is the best thing for a human being.

Products for Everyone

There are no exceptions and the Ayurveda products and services can be undertaken by anyone, irrespective of their age, skin or anything else. Natural is real, and it is god gifted to every person no matter what.

Natural Aroma

Being natural is easy and well received, which is the reason that people prefer it, and through the help of the Ayurveda products and stuff, you can have the the most natural and pleasant fragrance with the help of this.

Why choose us

Just because of the reason that we have been paving the paths of the medical world as the finest Unani doctor in Mohali, you can rely upon us completely as we will offer and serve you with something that is the best for your health on a whole level.

Guaranteed results

Products for everyone

Naturally scented

Best quality products

No side effects

Shabnam Ayurveda & Unani Care Products

Some of the brilliant and hundred percent natural products are offered by us to the customers and the patients. Ranging from the various products that are surely natural and better for you health as well as your skin will be given by us.

Are you tired of getting continuous allopathic treatments of Gathiya rog, joint pain, knee pain, cervical, frozen shoulder, knee gap, spinal spondylitis or osteoarthritis? Dont's worry, come to us and get permanent treatment with patent formula at Shabnam Ayurveda and Unani Care (since 1998).

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Our Clients Say

  • The doctors at the Shabnam are really cooperative and supportive, received the best treatment here through them.

    Ashok kumar
  • I have received the full and best treatment with them that have been difficult for me from a very long time. Really satisfied.

    Balwinder Singh
  • My father was constantly dealing with the different doctors for his allopathic treatment, but after getting engaged with Shabnam Ayurveda, he is completely relieved now.

  • Definitely the excellent clinics and doctor that help the patients in recovering from anything that is severe or chronic.

    Rita Mahajan
  • Completely affordable, effective natural treatment at the Shabnam, a full class standardized treatment procedure undertaken by them.


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